Cool Stuff


For today, I cleared my camera memory card and thought I’d share a few cool things I came across.  It’s amazing sometimes the amount of stale beer stuff that’s out there.

I mean REALLY?…… ash trays, mirrors, lighted mirrors, neon signs, lighted signs… I don’t know… any number of things (crap) I wouldn’t have in my house from the beer companies.  And, if I would have some of it, my wife would definitely NOT have it in the house.  I am OK with that because 1) I grew up, and 2) my wife’s opinion is usually better than mine when it comes to what goes in the house.  If her opinion is really way off….. it’s not….. it’s still is the best idea, and “really what I was thinking, too” (I’ve also been married a while).

Anywho, this item may fall into the ugly lamp that has horses and spins and throws light across the room….. category with some people.  I dig it, and definitely don’t feel that way.  I even sprung it on my wife!  (and she was ok).

I came across this lamp…. coolest thing ever.  Here’s their website

It’s a bottle from a turn of the century brewery set up with a bunch of piping and a big red valve (on/off switch)….. most of these breweries went under at some point after prohibition.  This one is from 1899.  They have several form factors with the lamps.  Everything from hanging lamps to floor lamps, etc.

It’s got a 40watt bulb inside.  The bottle is clear, but they’ve sandblasted the lower portion of the bottle to diffuse the light.  They also have vintage brown bottles, and I may purchase one to see if I like the brown light better.

Another cool thing…

my Amber Ale!

This guy started out 2-1/2 months ago.  It tasted green / raw for a while, but has matured into a wonderful amber ale.  It’s very malty, but like a sweet old friend with whom you like to sit and chat.  I may play a little with the recipe, but this one is a solid, every-time / everyday kinda beer. Always waiting in the wings as the go-to….

OG: 1.055
FG:  1.012

ABV: 5.6%

SRM: You tell me.   ?12

IBU: 27

Batch: 12ga


87%  2-Row Brewers Malt

5%    C60

4%    Munich (9SRM)

3%    C120

1oz     Magnum (14.7%AA)      60min

0.5oz  Centennial (8.7%AA)     10min

0.5oz  Tettnang (6.1%AA)        10min

US-05 (2 pkg)

I did use some gelatin finings to clarify in secondary (keg).  My usual process / equipment is: conical, rack to secondary keg (cut dip tube), crash with gelatin finings, may serve from secondary or rack to serving keg.  If I rack to serving keg, I will usually run through filter (0.5um).

So that’s all for now, I will go through my equipment one of these days, and will hopefully post a new brew day event after this needed 3day weekend.

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