Bluebonnet 2014


Well, third Bluebonnet I’ve been to.  Second I’ve entered beer into competition.  Those that don’t know, the Bluebonnet Brewoff in Dallas is the largest homebrew competition in the country.  They cap the entries at 1,525 I believe.  They give 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.  Two years ago I entered a couple of beers – probably some of my first batches ever, and not very good.  Last year I did not enter a beer, and this year entered 5.  I am happy that two beers made it to the second round, and my bourbon barrel ESB got 3rd place!  In addition I am happy to have scored well on several of my entries:

  • IPA got scores of 40/38 (39) – did not make it to second round – was surprised by this score not even making it to second round.
  • Peach Koelsch got 39/38 (38.5) – did not make it to second round
  • Koelsch  38/38 (38) in first round and 35/34 (34.5) in second round
  • ESB – got dogged!  Not sure if my bottles were good or if something went wrong while bottling.  I enjoyed this one very much.  Nonetheless it got 24/25 (24.5) – but it went to good use in the barrel!!
  • Bourbon barrel aged ESB (same ESB that got poor scores)  38 / 36 for third place!!!!

A good time by all as usual at the pub crawl, and enjoyed hanging out!

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